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Ole South Bar-B-Q

My husband and I have lived in this town now for about 5 years and from time to time we venture out to eat at local restaurants.  One of the places near us is another Barbecue place.  We decided to check it out for somewhere different on a Friday night.  Although there are other Barbecue places here in town that we have actually went to, we had failed to go to Ole South since we had been here and people had told us that they had the best Barbecue in town over Moonlite.  We wanted to experience this!

ole south owensboro ky reviewAs we entered the building, a pet peeve of mine is to check for cleanliness. I have a habit of looking at the glass doors of an establishment/window and floors.

The room was decorated country-style with gingham table cloths and the buffet looked delicious.  The hostess and waitress were very friendly. It looked as though when you walked through the doors you could also purchase to go.

I noticed in the main room the seating was for around 80 guest but learned later they also had a private room for private parties.  The guest who were dining around the room, most were older folk who looked like regulars or who had been coming for quite a long time just because of their persona of relaxed position.  There were several televisions on the walls which featured several channels hence  entertainment for the guest.

Buffet style and soups were lined up as well as several types of dessert to choose from.  A very good selection of good home cooking seasoned very well.  From my country girl upbringing, this southern food was quite tasty and filling.  I loved the country fried cornmeal fish as well as the Barbecue pork and a fried chicken leg.  Believe me, I try everything just to give it a taste.  I absolutely loved the salad bar, it was fresh and I overheard another customer state that she came there quite often just for the salad bar!

As we set there, the manager came over and checked in on us which I found quite friendly and added to the home town feel of southern hospitality.

If I wanted to rate:

9 for decor/environment (cute for southern family style)

10 for taste (mamma’s home southern cooking)

8 for selections to choose from (If you are vegan your choices may be limited but delicious :))

10 for hostess/friendliness/service

Check out their website here.

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Log Inn

Log Inn - Evansville INLast night was a wonderful experience driving into the middle of the country outside of Evansville to eat at this country restaurant called “LOG INN” in which we had never heard of before, imagine that!  Located in Warrenton Indiana, this place was a stagecoach location in which Abe Lincoln visited in 1844.

Wow, was I surprised!  The doors open at 4 and there was a line already and the parking lot was getting full.  I thought to myself, “How big is this place, and what kind of food brings people here?”   Our friends were already seated so we rushed to stand in line too, and that is when we saw some friends all the way from Madisonville standing in line.  This was their first time also.  The country look of things hanging from the ceiling, the log cabin walls, the down to earth servers had a great southern hospitality feel brought a warm smile to all the people with a grandma’s house environment.   No wonder people come here.  It reminded me of home and that is what people crave.  Someone to serve a home cooked meal while sitting around the table laughing and talking, just relaxing in a home atmosphere.  No demands, no dressing up and no elaborate tableware or fancy decor, just good southern cooking.  Since we had a party of six we were served family style.Log Inn - Indiana Country Restaurant

Each person got to pick a meat to choose from, so the platters they bring to the table you can share.  Fried Chicken Breast, Livers and Roast Beef were our meats we chose.  Next the array of vegetables brought out to the table complemented the meats.  Peas, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Yeast Rolls, Corn and an amazing Slaw.  Refills on all the fix ins!

Before we left, I had to venture into the Abraham Lincoln room and stand on the original floor to say I have officially walked where he did!  Awesome piece of rich history and I felt honored to know this place existed!  Thanks to our friends, Ray and Jamie Tooley who treated us to this dinner. 🙂

Atmosphere – 10 for the warm atmosphere they were trying to create

Food – 9 for taste (Mashed potatoes were instant but still spruced up with a good taste – especially when you covered them with the white gravy!)

Price – 10.  From dining Family Style or ordering from the menu, each person is under $20.

Would I visit again… yes and I will be taking my good ole southern friends who I consider family with me. to visit their website and check out their menu or get directionsJeff Phillips and Ray TooleyMelissa Phillips & Jamie Tooley

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Paradiso 37

It was 8:30 and way past time to eat but nevertheless, I was hungry and wanted to try something new.  Several times a year, my husband and I need a break from routine where we can just sit and talk about life and relax.  Walking through downtown Disney we seem to have our favorite places to stop and grab a bite such as Bongo’s or Wolfe Gang Pucks, but this particular night we wanted to take a different walk.  We ventured over the little bridge to Pleasure Island territory.

Paradiso 37 was the first place so we decided to give it a try for the name was very intriguing.  Upon entering we noticed one side was open along with an area where live music was playing.  Since I was having one of my hot-flashes at the time, I requested a cooler spot.  The hostess quickly took us upstairs overlooking the area since the air conditioners cooled this area.  Once seated the waiter came to take our drink orders with smiles and delivered a fruity tasting ice tea which surprised me when I took a drink.  The flavor reminded me of a flower, so if you don’t like flowering teas, you may want to order sodas or water.  Looking over the menu, we noticed the variety of menu featuring North, South and Central America Cuisine.

Jeff got the traditional hamburger which was 1 inch thick cooked.  It had a grilled flavor and tasted as good as a hamburger could get.  I opted for the ribs (which I’m not a big rib fan) however, slow cooked and just the right amount of flavorful sauce tasted great.  The presentation of both was really family yet delightful.  Shoe string french fries were protruding out of a metal cup with red and white checkered paper.  I also ordered the plantains, which are usually a speciality for me since you can’t get them cooked this way in Ky.

The waiter was extremely helpful when it came to me choosing what I wanted, and refills were done promptly and quickly.  Overall experience was ok.  The cost? $54 before the tip.  A little pricey but considering the area I understood.  Would we recommend it to friends, yes if you want the experience.  However will we return to it on one of our visits?  Not likely.

Our ratings? Atmosphere 7, Food presentation 8, Food quality 7, Service 10, Overall Visit – 7.


For more info.

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Expanding Culture With A Neighborhood Feel

Jeff and I took a day trip to try something new.  It was a beautiful summer day with a small breeze walking next to the Ohio River in Newburgh Indiana.  We thought we maybe was going into a Mexican Restaurant but quickly noticed by the decor we wasn’t in Mexico.  If felt like Middle Eastern.  We were right.

The place is recorded as a historical site.  There are not to many places you go where the floors look original and dated with a home feel.  The walls, ceiling draped in tapestry along with trinkets created an out of Indiana feel for sure.  The side outdoor patio created a place to relax with flowers sprinkling colors everywhere.

The service was sweet and timely. We went for a late lunch so it was still quiet busy but loved the back room where we could view the riverfront.  The food was excellent, and dessert was my favorite!  The Persian tea I had was also delicious with a flowery taste.  I noticed several older folks enjoying their meals with their “first time” being there.  Some came for lunch, others desserts and cold teas or shakes.  I loved the fresh-cut flowers on the tables which made me appreciate the beauty of making their customers feel at home.

We started out with the appetizer Falafel platter.  Delicious!  For our entrée, Jeff got the Chicken Shwarma and I got the Chicken Spinach Artichoke Wrap – Grilled chicken, tomatoes, and feta; all wrapped with creamy spinach-artichoke sauce cheese in grilled lavosh.  The only mix up was I ordered a Greek Salad for my side dish but she brought slaw.  I didn’t complain nor asked her to take it back but it was a small portion compared to the salad.  Jeff got fries with his wrap.

The taste for both of them was delicious.  The best part was the dessert! It was a type of rich Blackberry Cake with a wine sauce on the bottom, topped with Blackberry sauce.  It is not a regular item on the menu but a special for the season.

So what are my scores for this review?  Atmosphere – 9, Service – 8, Food taste – 10  Overall rating I will give it an excellent place to have lunch or dinner to expand and explore your senses and culture!

Penny Nejad, Owner of Arazu  talks about the meaning of Arazu on their website.  Arazu means wish or desire in Persian and one of her goals is providing a fusion Middle Eastern cuisines combined with an appreciation of exploring the culture of food rich with spice, texture, and complexity. Be sure to check out their schedule for events exploring with the Arts!  You can check out their website or like on facebook –

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27 Fathoms

During our little Anniversary get-a-way we always like to visit new places.  We were inquisitive upon driving into the new development close to the Daytona area.  Port Orange is only a few minutes away and well worth the drive, a scenic area with small motorcycle saloons along the way.

If you are looking for something relaxing, clean, unique and beautifully presented food, you will love 27 Fathoms.  Upon arriving, we were greeted and seated immediately and I noticed how clean and new this establishment was.  I asked about the name and learned that the owner was a fishermen and 27 fathoms is a depth (170′) in the sea located off the east coast running from Ft. Pierce Florida. Their menu was very impressive from appetizers to the meal itself and had something to offer to the seafood eater, meat-eater including game such as buffalo, elk or deer, sushi and vegetarian.  I was impressed that every sauce and soup was home-made, the seafood was caught locally and the beef was grass-fed. A plus in this day and time. 

Complementary chips with red pepper humus was brought to our table as a starter.  Keep in mind it was around 4 in the afternoon so it was an early dinner menu.  Although we wanted to try the Sushi, we opted to choose different items on the menu and have a taste test.

We chose the Bubbly Habanero Queso  served with Fresh Corn Tortilla Chips and Homemade Pico de Gallo which was only $5…. I think most places would have charged over $10 for this appetizer. Brought to our table fresh out of the oven, it was bubbly and it was spicy, not just your ordinary queso and the Pico was freshly made.  You can see from the picture we devoured it very quickly and I almost forgot to take the picture for this blog site.

I really wanted to try the homemade soup too so I chose the Florida Corn and Crab Soup topped with Garlic Chive Oil and Fried Okra.  Although I like the both, I really liked the okra which gave it somewhat a crunch and the taste was awesome! This was no ordinary cup but actually a small serving bowl, very pretty presentation I might add, again only $5.

Jeff chose the N.Y. Strip Steak grilled and served over Smoked Cheddar and Rock Shrimp Mac & Cheese and Roasted Cauliflower finished with Cabernet Reduction and White Truffle Oil 10 oz for $24.

I chose the Chef’s Special which was Maui Maui served with green beans, a delicious combo with the lemon sauce.  I was already so full, there was no way I could have finished it!

Upon leaving this nice older couple was sitting next to our table and they started talking to us as we got up to leave.  It was their first time also to visit 27 Fathoms.  They expressed how the food was excellent, they enjoyed the Vegetarian  dish of Fried Green Tomato Tower which was Herb Marinated Tomatoes, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Smoked Gouda Cheese and Caramelized Onions over Stone Ground Grits.  They also said they would return and eat there when they traveled back through the area.

With all that said, I will rate this place a 10 to EXCELLENT in all areas!  After this delightful experience we walked next door into the shopping Plaza and saw a movie at the Theater.  A really nice bundled package for one evening. 🙂

Check out their website for dates, times open and more info.

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The Blue Room at Saffire

We had a time to meet with friends from Global Ministries to listen to Scott Jones speak to us about Leadership.  We went to a little a cool upscale place called the Saffire Restaurant located in The Factory, Franklin Tennessee. It has been voted the best restaurant in Williamson county so I was looking forward in reviewing it. 

This mall reminded me of a southern feel yet not like a cracker barrel and it is known for hosting events.  It was an old factory of some sort and they transferred it into a mall with quaint little shops, meeting areas and places to eat.  The place we ate had a boiler room atmosphere, dark with a bar but the meeting area was an add on room with brick walls and with the option to pull open the garage type windows.  It was called the blue room, a private room for less than 50 people.  There was also another gathering in the court-yard area where it looks like they having either a wedding or another type of event.  The food was great however trying to listen with the loud music next door was challenging.  I am sure if it was a luncheon it would have been much easier to hear, nevertheless it is worth visiting.  I chose the prime rib plate and Bryson got the fish and homemade chips.  Atmosphere I give a 8 and the food 9.  says :   The Factory at Franklin is a 12-building dining, retail and entertainment complex listed in the National Register of Historic Places. We provide a welcome break from large chain stores and malls, while still offering a variety of restaurants and activities for everyone in the family, along with offices, meeting rooms and special event facilities. As you spend your day at The Factory, take some time out to notice the historical factors of this building. It was carefully renovated to preserve many of The Factory’s original features and architectural details. We are located just 6 blocks from Historic Downtown Franklin, TN and only 15 miles from Nashville!

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Aunt Catfish

While at Daytona Beach Florida we were recommended to go to the next best place to eat at a little restaurant named Aunt Catfish.  Going on a Monday night the gentleman said we would only have to wait maybe 20 minutes, but we waited 45.  Since there is a walking peer that goes out on a lake it didn’t seem that long.  After seating we were greeted by someone who seemed like a little sweet elderly “aunt”.  Now I am sure not all waiters or waitresses were like her but she brought us out sweet tea in mason jars.  The salad bar was incredible and I do say it was the best salad bar that I have ever seen.  It was clean, diced just right along with every topping you could think of.  Texas Brazil salad bar is the only salad bar that beats this one.  I could have made a meal of this salad bar, which included cheese grits, baked beans, cornbread, cinnamon apples and two kinds of slaw.  With our meal came a home-made sweet roll.  As far as our meal, we started off with gator bites with a citrus sauce, a little chewy but good taste.  Jeff got the blackened fish and I got the seafood sampler. 

The meal was basic fried fish with the fixens but to me it brought back the feeling of good home cooking, not a Red Lobster kinda feel.  The meals were served on Fish plates in which I thought was really cute.  The cost was a little pricey but I do say when I return, I will visit again even if it is for the salad bar.  I give it a 8 for the environment setting (indoors looking over a lake with homey feel) and I give the food a 7 and the salad bar a 10!  For more information you can go to  to learn the story, see menus and order online.

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Our Deck Down Under

A year ago or so Jeff and I visited a seafood place that was really worth talking about, so we went back again.  Casual place, with the menu written on the wall, pay and then take a seat either inside or outside on the deck overlooking the waterway.  What I loved about eating here was enjoying not only the food but watching the boats come in and an occasional dolphin coming up out of the water.  There is also a little island off the coast with tons of birds on it, so if you are a bird watcher and want to bring your binoculars this is a cool place to visit.  Upon entering you will notice the menu is painted on a billboard size wall next to the counter.  You pay first, get your drinks and then they serve you either outside or inside in which you pick your table.  The food is served in a basket, the roll of paper towels is on your table and the drinks are served in to go cups.  So you have the picnic feel along with the service.  We started off with the fried pickles which after a few bites you realize the pickles are pickled with jalapeno, so they do have a bite to them.

Jeff got the tuna sandwich which was served with fries and hushpuppies.  I got the 1/2 pound crab legs.  Yes, I think it is a challenge to dig for my food and eat with my hands.  This is one of our places which we will return, so we hope you visit if you are in the area.  I give it a 8 for atmosphere and a 8 for the food taste.  Expect to pay around 15$ per person for a meal.

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Tia Cori’s Taco

Jeff and I are always looking for great places to eat especially when it comes to Mexican.  Although we like to return to our favorite places, we also read reviews and try new places.  This one had the most reviews on trip advisor on our iphone  with some saying great and some complaining the food was greasy.  The chips were different from I ever tasted, sort of puffy type of home-made chips (we ordered extra). They are served warm so therefore they are a little greasy but still have great taste, texture and original.   The salsa and the guacamole fresh and spicy.  Jeff got the chicken buritto which was large in size and I got two steak hard shell tacos.  One was Mexican and the other American.  The Mexican was served with cilantro and onions and the American, the traditional lettuce, sour cream and cheese.  Both were delicious.  Once you go in you pick up your own menu and go to the counter to pay and get your own drink, have a seat and then they serve it to you.  If you are in the Daytona area and looking for a meal under $10 per person, try Tia Cori’s Taco.  I give it a 7 on atmosphere and 9 on food taste.  I don’t think you will be disappointed plus you can sit outside or inside.

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Burger Up in Nashville Tennessee

  While in Nashville, Lyle was speaking at Bellmont to the college students about Mercy29, we decided to go to a local hangout for a “cool” lunch.  I am not a big hamburger fan but this has me spellbound.  From presentation to decor, from service to food taste I was simply impressed!  Everything organic and healthy.  I was overwhelmed, happy and it was my kind of eating.  Everything fresh, service friendly but crowded and I know why.  I give it a 10 all the way round in all areas!  So if you want a really good burger and a cool place to hang out, make your next stop in Nashville a healthy one!  You can find out more of their story at

I loved the way they served their food, french fries in a little cup along with special sauce!  The wings were delicious and the salads were incredible!  My friends let me taste just for this blog.  I will be visiting again soon!